Customer testimonials on outsourced marcom services


“Forma Group provides us with a full suite of Marcom services, including website design and setup, collateral production, and exhibition design. In late 2007, Forma Group carried out a major company re-branding across all of our marketing platforms, including the creation of sales tools that emphasized our product advantages in a creative and effective manner. Their high quality deliverables and short turnaround times enable us to achieve a quick return on our Marcom investment. As part of the website project, Forma Group developed a customized content management system (CMS) that lets us maintain the site on our own using a simple, user-friendly interface. By outsourcing our Marcom efforts to Forma Group, we benefit from the proven skills of their experienced team, and can focus our resources on generating revenues.”

Lior Rapoport
Vice President of Sales


"Forma Group redesigned our website to reflect our corporate positioning shift from a technology startup to a mature provider of commercial solutions. This process evolved to also encompass our marketing collateral and eventually resulted in a new brand image. By truly understanding our business, Forma Group ensures that both the content and shape of all our sales tools communicate the right messages to our market.
We couldn’t be more pleased with the level of dedication and professionalism of Forma Group, which acts as an integral part of our team in the planning and execution of our corporate marketing efforts. We look forward to continuing this strategic partnership in the years to come.”

Noam Geri
Co-Founder, Vice President Marketing and Business Development


"The FORMA Group team combines unique creativity and professional production capabilities with in-depth understanding of our marketing goals, products and technology. Ever since Discretix started planning its corporate marketing strategy, FORMA Group has been at our side taking ownership of content, design and production. Their team worked as an integral part of our marketing team, achieving outstanding market visibility for Discretix. FORMA Group is a best-of-class choice, especially for early- to medium-stage Israeli start-ups seeking one-stop professional marcom solutions. They provide outstanding web design and management services, client support and excellent response-time, offering exceptional value."

Edo Ganot
EVP Sales & Business Development
Discretix Technologies Ltd.


"In accordance with our corporate policy, to concentrate on our core competencies and outsource professional services, we decided very early to hand our marcom management to FORMA Group. Over the past two years, FORMA Group has provided us with all our communications needs maintaining high quality, short response time and a very conservative budget. They follow our technology and market development very closely and produce our sales and marketing material as if they were a part of Camero.

Working with FORMA Group freed our management to focus on sales, marketing and business development activities. We count on this partnership to continue to support us in our 2006 marketing challenges"

Aharon Aharon, CEO, Camero Inc.


"Shortly before its IPO in November 2005, Saifun realized that it had to bring its website up to date. We called in the FORMA Group, which quickly learned our business and gave our site a new look and feel while keeping to our corporate guidelines. Since then, the FORMA Group has maintained our website, providing an excellent service and saving us the need to hire an inhouse webmaster."

Marsha Shalvi,
Director of Corporate Communications
Saifun Semiconductors Ltd.


"Since the early days of Equivio, FORMA Group has managed to position us as an exceptionally innovative software company. The "Goldfish" theme has been a standout from the start. It gives us just the look and feel we need, and it's now readily recognized and associated with Equivio in our target markets. Working on a very tight budget, FORMA Group created an eye catching trade show booth, a web site that consistently generates leads, and an impressive array of marketing collateral. I am sure we will continue to work with FORMA Group moving forward."

Warwick Sharp, Vice President
Marketing and Business Development



"The idea of hiring an outside company to create our marketing communications platform sounded awkward to us at the beginning. However, right from the start the fresh approach and professional delivery of FORMA Group proved successful. In a very short time we had a new website, a clear and coherent representation of our offering and advantages, all covered with a very attractive set of collaterals. With an involvement and dedication that went way beyond the creative process and deep into our business understanding, FORMA Group helped us breaking into new markets and territories."

Mr. Ofer Ronen - Manager
Global Marketing

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