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FORMA Group Ltd. is a marketing communications services company. We provide Israeli technology companies with planning and production services for the complete Marcom and branding platform, including Internet sites, electronic and printed collateral, presentations, events and any other tool that can make your sales channels more effective.

We are a group of experienced Marketing Communications professionals, all with proven track records serving Israeli technology companies.

Over the past decade, we dedicatedly served the most promising and successful seed, start-up and WS/NASDAQ firms, from modest beginnings through successful IPO’s and beyond.

We cover the entire range of Marcom activities and form a custom-tailored task force that meets your company’s exact requirements and immediate objectives. No frills.

FORMA helps you define Marcom needs and budget and then produces and delivers marketing and corporate communications that work – printed, electronic, press and events.

It’s wartime. Your sales force is out there, battling and fighting every hour to close your next deal. Let them know you put the best Marcom commando at their side.


Companies now are re-assessing and re-organizing. For many young and mature organizations, the immediate marketing needs do not justify the overhead of an in-house Marcom Department.

Your competition is alive and well. In this business environment, concluding the deal requires razor-sharp communications and effective sales and marketing tools.

You will find that in-house handling of Marcom activities often drains disproportionate organizational resources, in time and money, versus the benefits it provides. This is especially the case for managers who already are overloaded with core tasks and who may be unfamiliar with the creative and production processes.

FORMA Group offers the best of both worlds: responsiveness of a dedicated in-house Marcom department and custom solutions for specific objectives. Our key benefit, owning the required professional internal service capabilities without incurring ongoing operational costs, goes straight to your bottom line.

For long- or short-term projects, we find the right mix of technical, commercial and creative resources from within and without the company to deliver the best and most cost-effective Marcom solutions.


FORMA Group is based on extensive corporate and marketing communications knowledge and experience acquired with leading high technology companies in Israel including Scitex/Creo, Cyota, Amdocs, Comverse, VocalTec and more. We have many years of inside-the-industry hands-on production experience. We're real Marcom pros. We love what we do and we do it well

Together with our R&D, product managers and sales managers we've teamed to create and produce the best marketing tools. We then channeled the message to the market through professional press, trade events, the WWW and we did not stop until it got through.

We know the type of pressures your organization is sometimes in; flight schedule, budget cuts, constantly changing customer requirements. We've been there and you will see we are very careful when it comes to your resources.

FORMA Group Ltd., founded and managed by Yuval Rahamim, operates from offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, with professional partners in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.


Marcom planning and integration

Setting achievable and measurable marketing exposure targets

Planning marketing activities to hit specific target markets with client events, conferences, seminars, press relations
Building and monitoring the budget

Creating corporate messages

Writing marketing messages for all media (Internet, brochures, presentations, white papers, slogans and more)

Writing technical documentation (manuals, guides, specifications, proposals)
Developing internal and external training programs

Designing and producing sales tools

Planning, designing, producing and maintaining an Internet presence

Presentations (video, PowerPoint, Flash, Director, with and without narration)
Designing and producing printed collateral (folders, corporate and product brochures, posters, product and CD packages.)
Creating and maintaining brand identity throughout the corporate exposure channels

Sales events and
press activities

Domestic and global PR Speaking events and sponsorships

Trade shows and conferences
Customer testimonials
Market dedicated newsletters
Client seminars and training events


FORMA Group Ltd. 58 LaGuardia St. Tel Aviv, Israel [directions] Tel +972 54 4963391